Afrikiko Global-Iceland Panorama Centre

Locally, nationally and internationally, Afrikiko Global is a vocal advocate for the forgotten ones, the most deprived, the abused and the disadvantaged. We travel to every corner of the globe to lend a hand to those in dire need.We advocate for a better world where men & woman are equal. Nothing should matter: neither ethnicity, nor religion, age, gender or anything else. Only  fellow human love should count. To us it’s about supporting human rights.If all of humankind could just understand the ripple effect this  can have on our society today they might better understand how upholding  human rights would directly affect them in ways they could never imagine, way beyond belief. We all benefit,so it’s time, it’s long over due.


those in need

Afrikiko-Island Panorama Center is a multi-ideology oriented organisation which has made a pledge to work for social rights and equality, assist the most deprived and under priviledged in society. We are a humanitarian concept where we venture into untouched and unknown domains to make positive and lasting changes. We are very passionate about human rights, we encourage rural and Eco-tourism for climate change and seek out volunteers to send to the outside world of much need.

We work with our partners to make our world a bit more interesting to live in. Ours is an organisation that you get to know and become friends with for a lifetime. Maybe you want to change and a new challenge in life, you just want to reach out to the bigger world and share your expertise or experience. You want to contribute to  an internal, regional, or international crises in some way. We at Afrikiko can get you the appropriate link to fulfill your dreams and wishes.You can experience the wonders of Africa, the beauty of the Caribbean, the magic of Asia, the  delights of the Pacific region  and the uniqueness of South and Central America. Humanitarian, human rights and voluntary work can give you some of the most unforgettable times of your life. The culture, the people, the cuisine, the atmosphere, the wild life are experiences waiting for your curiousity.

We are advocates and passionate connosieurs of tourism within the Nordic Region,Baltics and Eastern Europe. We deal in low cost tourism known as ECO and Rural tourism.They are farm, home, cottage, small towns and  village stay where the visitors can work on a farm or stay in private homes for low budget costs. We also want to introduce a similar kind of tourism to the local communities in other regions and invite the locals to visit  rural areas of Iceland and vice-verca. We promote and organise Twin-Towning projects where we bring small towns into focus and introduce the tourist attractions within particular regions and towns. Ours is a kind of tourism where the tourist can have the choice of taking part in organising the tour packages


the earth

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