So let,s say you have given the whole thing some serious thoughts and now you are ready to make your move. Well the only thing you need to do is to send us your wish via our message box, visit us by person or just give us a buzz. We organise a series of familiarisation or pre-trip courses for those who so wish to get give them a taste of what they can expect in their trip before they leave. These are free courses that we encourage our adventure seekers to take advantage of.

You can attend any of these courses or events even before you make your final move or decision. It is a very convenient way of getting prepared mentally before the trip. For those who go on the volunteer trips it is a compulsory practise that they undergo these special courses before they embark on their journey.

We are obliged by international and EU rules to ensure that all our volunteers have a basic understanding of the task ahead. We are fully committed to ensuring that our volunteers are of the calibre that we can trust for all deployments.

Every necessary precaution is taken to ensure their maximun safety, well being and welfare in all deployments. All EU and international regulations or recommendations are fully complied with by all parties including code of conduct and breach of protocol. For us every one of our participants can make a positive change in whatever task or adventure they choose for themselves.This is our motto, it is our goal, our wish and our promise

Afrikiko Global-Iceland Panorama Centre