Afrikiko Global-Iceland Panorama Centre

We also offer unparalleled service and luxury accommodations in exclusive locations in Eco National Parks and community wildlife destinations. We partner closely with communities and governments alike, and can promise you a truly once in lifetime experience.There are  National Park all over Africa for example that looks out over seemingly endless savannah and two busy waterholes frequented by many of the aforementioned animals. We can take you on a guided walking tour or vehicle Safari just steps from your front door. Relax at the infinity pool, outdoor bar fire pit, or restaurant and take in the sights of different  mammal, nature and bird species that have been identified within the parks.

These include, but are not limited to: elephant, waterbuck, bushbuck, hippo, warthog, water buffalo, hyenas, and baboon. A large number of birds and reptiles can also be seen. A rare and never to be forgotten wildlife and natural wonder awaits your delight. But also very importantly is our mission  to deliver value while promoting community & economic development & environmental conservation. We seek to accomplish this goal through the provision of high-end tourism & accommodation services in select rural destinations throughout our selected destinations spread around the globe.

Our kind of adventure is  through the creation of viable rural businesses that provide local employment, generate local sources funding, and develop tangible community-owned assets in the form of lodge ownership, ancillary businesses, and demand for local sourcing. And  by strengthening community-run and national wildlife sanctuaries, providing local communities with the resources and incentives to protect their natural capital.

Many of the various foreign humanitarian organisations do agree that there is a serious need for thought provoking, hard hitting, down to earth and taboo breaking educational campaign programmes tailored to bring and make changes in the societies of the disadvantaged and deprived. The reason for this is because those who have lived in abusive but silent societies believe that we can only make real changes by being real to the existing problem and facing it squarely.The Silence and Apathy on the part of society and the Corruption on the part of the authorities that allow these crimes to be continously committed must be dealt with from the top to bottom. Not everybody might agree to our way of shaking up society to confront these terrible acts.

But we believe it,s our destiny. We want to work with all the stakeholders in those regions of our operation.We have the experience because we have had a lot of success here in the Nordic region and we believe we can do it in the these parts of the world too. So three words that tells it all and these are strong, cohesive and resourceful partnerships with our fellow volunteer organisations in the region working with these issues. Gender equality, social justice, all forms of discrimination, child abuse, domestic violence, equal rights for single fathers.

These are our areas of humanitarian acts and we strive to make sure that we reach victims, perpetrators, the system that breeds these vices and the culture that seem to allow it to continue surviving.This is why we have our partners and stakeholders spread around the globe as we work each day to make the lives of the needy a little bit more better than it was yesterday